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Potential Child Find Activities


Each CMSU Early Intervention participates in a variety of child find activities. Group screenings can be completed at child care programs or other agencies providing services to young children upon request.

Specific activities (these are routine and the dates change from year to year) include:

Susquehanna Valley Mall Children's Fair
Columbia Mall Children's Fair
SUM Head Start Health Fair
March of Dimes NICU Family Reunion


In addition, CMSU Early Intervention works with Geisinger Medical Center's Pediatric Residency program by offering residents the opportunity to shadow Service Coordinators in completing various aspects of their jobs. This involves meeting with the Early Intervention Supervisor to gain understanding in early intervention (how the program works, how early intervention differs from a medically identified need for service). It also provides the resident the opportunity to meet with families and other service providers. As the residents gain understanding of early intervention, they are able to explain and advocate the program to the families they meet.

From time to time, CMSU Early Intervention also has the honor of working with Bloomsburg University students who select to complete an internship at CMSU. The same opportunity exists for the intern as does with the pediatric resident and allows for the intern to share the knowledge with fellow students and faculty.

Throughout the year, child care programs call in seeking information pertaining to child development particularly if the development seems to be not occurring in the anticipated manner. During these calls, the childcare staff/director is provided developmental information as well as suggestions for discussing the matter with families as well as the needed information to make a referral.




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