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If you or someone you know might have a drug or alcohol problem, call the CMSU Base Service Unit at (570) 275-4962. The friendly folks who answer the phone will transfer your call to a Drug & Alcohol Case Manager who will schedule an appointment within three working days to assess the extent of the problem and recommend an appropriate level of care.

A choice of places that offer that particular type of treatment will be offered. If, for example, inpatient treatment is needed, the case manager will arrange for the client's stay at a facility of his/her choice and, after the client completes that level of treatment, arrange for some form of outpatient treatment or halfway house care as the client continues to move through the various stages of recovery.

If the client cannot afford to pay for the necessary treatment, CMSU will also help with that.

All information is kept strictly confidential! CMSU will not contact family, friends, police, employers or anyone else without your written permission.



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